PSYC 2961: Research Methods & Statistics I

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Week 13: Mixed-Model ANOVA (GLM-5)

Monday 11/21/2016: Field Chp. 18, 19
Thursday 11/24/2016: No Class; Thanksgiving break

Class Slides (Download)
Chi-square Analysis

Mixed-Model ANOVA

The slides for non-parametric procedures, including chi-square analysis, and mixed-model ANOVA are presented here, but will be discussed during Week14. Problem Set 4 will be assigned during Week 14 and will be optional (it can replace an earlier problem set grade). As usualy, students who choose to do the optional problem set 4 will use SPSS to analyze sample data sets and then write up the results in APA (American Psychological Association) format. Problem Set 4 will be due by Thursday, December 8th by 5 p.m. Please note that no late Problem Set #4 submissions will be accepted. The necessary Powerpoint slides and SPSS .sav files for Problem Set 4 are at Week 14.