PSYC 2961: Research Methods & Statistics I

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Week 14: Exploratory Factor Analysis

Monday 11/28/2016: Field Chapter 17
Thursday 12/01/2016: Review for Exam 3

Class Slides (Download)
Introduction to Factor Analysis

Logistic Regression

This week's discussion will be devoted to finishing up repeated-measures ANOVA, then Chi-square and mixed-model ANOVA. Students who wish to gain an understanding of Principal Components (factor analysis) can consult the Powerpoint slides above and read the corresponding section in the Field textbook. On Thursday, we will wrap-up the discussion and review for Exam 3 (Monday, December 5th). Please note that Exam 3 will cover up to mixed-model ANOVA, but will NOT cover factor analysis Students interested in tackling Problem Set 4 will need the notes above for Factor Analysis and Logistic Regression, along with the .sav files below. Remember that Problem Set 4 is due by Thursday, Dec. 8 at 5 p.m.

  Problem Set 4